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Episode 213

SOPA protest from The Oatmeal.

Christy falls flat on her face, Chris and Mike continue to talk about SWTOR. And nuclear reactor alarm codes.

Analog Hole Episode 213 - 1/30/12

Reader Comments (1)

I remeber a couple shows ago Thay (I belive) was going to be getting into the Dresden Files serries, but he hasn't mentioned it since. I'm wondering if its now on a pile of shame, or if he has infact started them (and what his impressions are). If you could mention it next time, that would be great!

P.S.: The first book is good, but happens to be the worst in the serries. Try to hang in there until book 6 and beyond, which is when the serries really kicks into high gear.

January 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDresdenFan
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