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Episode 268

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Episode 218

Unboxing photo of Christy’s headphones.

Christy gets ready to visit her Mom and gives you more information than you could possibly want about apronectomies. Mike plays games (!) that aren’t WoW or SW:TOR. Thay plays the Mass Effect trilogy and discusses his latest favorite iPad app, Draw Something!

Analog Hole Episode 218 - 4/11/12


Episode 208

Catwoman isn’t free, you know. Except when she is. Batman: Arkham City image courtesy Warner Bros. Entertiainment, Inc.

At long last, we get the gang back together for a mysteriously lagtastic episode. Christy recaps her Barbells for Boobs experience, we discuss the various Blizzcon announcements, and catch up on a bit of news. 

Show Music

“Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon on iTunes | Amazon

Analog Hole Episode 208 - 11/8/11


Episode 205


Episode 199

Mike recovering from a CrossFit “Fran”.

This week: Christy’s latest CrossFit adventures, Mike adds an SSD to his gaming rig, and Thay plays a lot of games and… GOLF? We also talk about Netflix, Metacritic, and why Mike wears his sideburns the way he does.

Show Music

“Snoop Dogg’s Dreamland” by barf on YTMND
Remix of Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and Kirby soundtrack.

Analog Hole Episode 199 - 7/19/11